हमारे बारे में

When we started journalism in India, it swung dangerously towards the pendulum of politics, and pure straight reporting drowned in the rigmarole of manipulation to highlight the politicians’ stories. The mesmerized mobs received news reports without reasoning or reckoning until finally, some people realized they were being hoodwinked by falsified facts.

In the past decade, easy accessibility to all portals of the Internet suddenly flooded across the world causing the download of information overwhelmingly heavy, leaving people bewildered as to what to believe in anymore. The whites and blacks of journalism were muted by shady undefined greys.

Journalism in its purest form always holds up the flame of truth for all public without bias, politicization, communalism, and prejudice.  Refined, ethical, courageous professionalism should be the backbone of journalism. The sole purpose is to inform people of hard real facts without any icing on the cake or exaggeration.

The aim is to enable readers of news blogs, newspapers, and YouTube and television channels viewers to be able to elucidate events, their causes, and effects through the facts relayed. With this, they can come to their own clear conclusions. Refined, ethical, courageous professionalism should be the backbone of journalism.

Today, if the Media in India wants to be a powerful agency to deliver news in its full power and force, they need to revaluate their values, intents, and purposes of giving the news. Redefining ethics, values, and even soaking up the ideals of the Constitution of India is of paramount importance because today’s journalists are forgetting their noble call!

Journalism has to rise above right, left and centre, religion, politics and caste to go to higher ground to take the nation forward.

Hams Live Hindi procures its data, information, photographs, and illustrations from well-grounded trusted sources. Only specific staff designed for the job, dependable agencies, and foreign correspondents are involved. If another media source has hit the headlines earlier with news of public interest and if needing to share this same information, pictures, data, getting the permission of the owner of the information, photographs, data is required to share that.

Hams Live Hindi restricts reporting anything that promotes radical ideologies, which would go against national interest. It carefully pays great attention to the reporting of insurgents, militants, extremists steering clear of any reporting of extremist ideologies that would promote thought to go against national interest. It is very careful about sensitive issues that may trigger violence, and thus reports insurgencies, militancy, and extremist activities with great caution.

HAMS Live Hindi focuses on building a team imbibed with journalistic ethics, goals, and principles in adherence to the universally standard norms of journalism. The editorial team at HAMS Live Hindi follows the strong principles of baseline standards of a Code of Media Ethics.